Preventative Drain Maintenance London

Preventative Drain Maintenance London

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Drain Preventative Service London

Preventative Maintenance Sewers can actually continue to properly function if they are backed with excellent preventative maintenance plan of inspection, repair and desilting. With that, M.J.S Drainage Services in london can help you keep your drainage systems working well to avoid blocked drainage. So, if you need such service, please feel free to contact us today to help you schedule an appointment. Our team actually conducts structural and functional checks regularly in order to accurately recognize problematic drains, storm-water intakes, watercourses and river channels while carrying out repair and desilting works in a prompt manner. We also provide preventative drain maintenance services before or during rainy seasons so that we can make sure that we attain unlocked drains before it get worse. It is important for the public to cooperate with governmental units in order to prevent misuse and blockage of drainage systems in the local area. With the help of CCTV or closed circuit television extensive surveys, we can properly inspect problems in your sewer. If we can carry out dredging and desilting work, rehabilitation work and structural repair on a regular basis, we can effectively keep unlocked drains.

Our full pre-maintenance drains survey is actually executed to allow us to quote a fixed rate for a service schedule which is agreed by our client. Also, we can specifically arrange weekend or night drain cleaning services to meet your needs if regular day work is impossible or obtrusive. Here are the services included in our preventative drain maintenance solutions.

  • Comprehensive pre-maintenance survey fixtures, gullies, drains and other sewer systems.
  • Detailed work schedule approved and agreed by our client.
  • Flexibility in adapting the requirements of our clients.
  • Weekend or night working schedule in order to reduce possible disruption.
  • Emergency call outs guarantee for free no matter what time of day.

With the use of CCTV surveys, we are able to identify problematic areas while giving our clients the exact service they need. M.J.S Drainage Services is simply your trusted partner when it comes to blocked drainage issues. Our team of professional technicians will help you eliminate fog, waste materials and other causes of blockage in your pipes.

Through CCTV inspections, we can accurately identify problematic areas in your storm-water drain with an excellent inside view of drainpipes. In fact, special plans for flood control installation inspections such as flood-warning systems and storm-water-pumping stations are conducted every year in order to make sure that these systems are fully operational every time there is a rainstorm signal.

M.J.S Drainage Services also coordinates efforts with relevant departments so that we can keep drainage systems in the area. Our team’s preventative maintenance solutions will clear out rubbish and prevent them from blocking catch-pits as well as gullies. When you choose to have a well-planned and comprehensive preventative maintenance service, you can effectively protect your entire property or your commercial establishment from disruption and damage.

To know more about our preventative maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and avail our special offers. Benefit from unlocked drains and prevent blocked drainage with M.J.S Drainage Services!

Here are the services that we have included in our Preventative Drain Maintenance London

  • CCTV length, pre- and post-survey
  • Sewer cleared length by diameter with cause identification like fog and silts
  • Sewer cleaning and abandonment CCTV length
  • Fast-track rehab
  • Waste removal
  • Manhole survey
  • Location of interceptor trap
  • Pipe length by structural and service grade
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Simply excellent! After sewage started backing up under my basment conversion Michael talked me through it and had Sean at my door within the hour. They delt with it fast, professionally and now I have a drying program in place to dry out my carpets.
So happy I stumbled across you guys!

Kathleen DeSouza

Preventative Drain Maintenance London on 31st August 2015 rated 5.0 of 5